RoseGold : My New Obsession

Marianna Hewitt, LRNCE as well as jewellery brand,  Black Betty Design ; have played a significant role in my current obsession with blush tones. Dusty pink, dirty salmons and rose gold, have all seriously started to grow on me. While I only have a few items of clothing in these colours, I’ve started to add … Continue Reading

Low Carb Creamy Avo&Basil Zoodles

This recipe is currently an absolute favourites in my new found low carb life. I’m only  three months into low carb living and honestly, it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. From ucook meals, to pinterest recipes, there are so many delicious meals that i’ve been trying and this is one of … Continue Reading


I am invited to quite a few great events, however very few are quite as beautiful as the recent Trenery Guild event I attended. A lunch that  introduced a collaboration between Trenery and a collection of unique South African creatives – amongst them friends of Sanlam Handmade Contemporary – Marie Auon of Saind D’ici and … Continue Reading

Melanin Monroe

I bought this Tongoro Studio dress at the 2017  Sanlam HmC and since then I  haven’t been able to take it off. It is perfect in every single way. Elegant, edgy, made in Africa and above all it makes me feel powerful and delicate all at the same damn time. A masterpeice. Apart from Sanlam HmC opening … Continue Reading

Lamu, Kenya

Pole-Pole ~ slowly slowy,  are the first words that come to mind when describing Lamu and its people.  A slowness and stillness that is not idle, but enchanting in it’s peacefulness. A truly humbling travel experience. Travelling in Africa is one of my current personal goals, so upon a conversation I had with a friend … Continue Reading

African Paradise.

This past December, I was fortunate enough to visit Lamu – officially my first African holiday destination and  one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.  The Lamu Archipilagoe consists of 3 main islands –  Manda, Pate and Lamu Island. Set on Manda Island, The Majlis resort was our home for the trip … Continue Reading

Pink and Green Hues

  Just sitting pretty in Pink at Great Dane! Skirt – Zara Top – Cos Stores Shoes – Superga Sunglasses – Prada Handbag – Mom’s vintage treasure.

Poetry celebrates women.

Poetry invited me to a tasteful morning brunch of overflowing bubbles, cake, conversation and celebration of womenhood hosted by who I like to call the fairy God-mother of fashion, Jackie Burger. She took us through Poetry’s spring collection and gave invaluable tips on how to style these garments. Jackie touched on having a minimal approach … Continue Reading

Make Winter Great Again with Takealot

Winter is coming…When uttered, the words of the Starks, greatest house of Westoros, always cause a chill down my spine. If there is anything to be learnt from the lords of the North, is that you have to be prepared for winter when it hits. With the cold front that has just hit Johannesburg, you … Continue Reading

Skirts ‘n Sneakers

I’ve truly fallen in love with the skirt and sneaker combo. It says pretty but not delicate. I’m femanine but not girly. Those who get it will get it, and those who don’t – I hope someday you get with it! I wore this outfit to the debut of ‘Feel Good Series’ in Joburg, which … Continue Reading

Spier Free Time : An ode to farmstyle elegance.

Spier’s magic lies its celebration for slow living. The whole property operates as a self-sustaining organism which is never over indulgent, but delicate in its pursuit to give you just the right amount of everything you need.  An ode to farmstyle elegance. In April, my dear friend, Lulama and I were treated to a weekend … Continue Reading