My name is Sibongile Cassandra Twala. I’m a creator. I don’t have a ‘title’ but I do all things with intention and love.




Hi Cassandra. My name is Victoria. I just came across your instagram and I emediately fell in love with your work.
How do you do it girl. I want to start an image consultating business. I really want to empower women and help them present a better version of themselves. This has always been close to my heart. I grew up with low self esteem and as an adult such things can hinder your progress. I’m slowly finding my stride but I feel I can help other girls realise this earlier. I’m so inspired by your work, any words of encouragement that you would like to share that can help me would be highly appreciated.

I thank you kindly.
Yours sincerely


Hi Victoria,

Thank you for the kind words. I am so grateful that I have inspired you in some way. Its so awesome that you are excited to start a business doing something that is close to your heart. That is always a great place to start.

I’ve just worked on my own personal image, and all i know is that you have to keep working on yourself everyday. It’s a journey, and if you’re willing to commit to yourself and be consistent, you will see good results.

Goodluck for you venture.
Best Regards,


Hello Cassandra Twala…..I absolutely love your sense of style…..and you blog…its so inspiring and creative…..I am a university student doing my 2nd year at UKZN….I just wanted to know what venture can I go to in terms of fashion,and blogging is already big…..I actually want the world to see my work(that is my sketches)…..I currently am doing a degree in social sciences(majoring in Geography)…. But I really love fashion too….and I just would like some more knowledge on how to make myself heard fashion wise….
×Yours sincerely..
Nkosi Sithole


Hi Cassandra, you are doing a good job girl. Keep on inspiring and boosting self esteem of young ladies out there. May God enlarge your territory. Love you***


This is so sweet. Thank you!


Hi Casandra, I also like your Sense of Style I am a mother of 4 but I like your Free Spirit easy but yet Smart way of dress by the way I also like Black Clothing and shoes lmk
My youngest daugher now 15 would like to go in Fashion Design when she finish school do you have any advice in where to start pls

Thank you in advance and gud luck Keep up the look and good work I admire it.



Hi Josephine,

Thank you so much for the lovely message and kind words.

I would advise your daughter to be fully passionate about design, not only just fashion before pursuing a fashion degree. There is a difference between loving something and making it your career. If she is naturally inclined to creative industries she should open herself to creating in different design forms and exploring as much as possible.

Lastly,striving to be the very best in any position that she is in will get her very far. In fashion particularly, you have to be at the very top of your game to make it.

I wish you and her all the best!



Hi Cassandra Twala, I just want to congratulate your on your hard work to the community of South Africa. You are such an inspiration to us all.

I personally did not know you until you appeared on Soweto TV and I emmediately fell in love with your work. All the best darling!



Hi Nhlanhla,

Thank you so much for this message. Wishing you all the best too!


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