This past December, I was fortunate enough to visit Lamu – officially my first African holiday destination and  one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.  The Lamu Archipilagoe consists of 3 main islands –  Manda, Pate and Lamu Island. Set on Manda Island, The Majlis resort was our home for the trip which proved to be nothing short of a generous slice of heaven.

Majestic Swahilli architecture set against an expansive backdrop of  palm trees, day beds set on the beach and the vast ocean at your doorstep is all enough to send any blogger into an ‘aesthetic coma’. It’s truly breathtaking.

I will be sharing more about the whole trip in a vlog which will go live on my youtube channel in Jan, as well as another blog posts to follow. Stay tuned!

Dress : Truworths Fashion

Shoes : Espadril Spain

Hat : H&M






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Hi Cassandra

Thank you for sharing. This is one of my dream destinations. I just a few questions regarding transportation to get there and safety. My Kenyan friend warned me about pirates when I wanted to go last year. Is it really a big deal or nah? From Kenya how did you travel to the Island? Was it pricey? I’d love to go but a few things made me hesitant last year. I’d rather get a view from a South African that’s travelled there. Your help is much appreciated.

Place looks magical ❤️

Warmest regards,


Hi Mmanaka,

Always happy to share 🙂
I’ll be doing an in-depth blog post with tips, that will be live next week but in the meantime –

Safety- I also got a lot of warning from friends and family about pirates, and other attacks but it was extremely safe. The locals say the pirates are no longer there at all, and I personally felt very safe all the time.

Getting there – If you book early flights they aren’t too bad. Fly to Nairobi, then schedule a connecting flight to Lamu on one of their cheaper domestic airlines – fly540 is what we flew. Only issue is African travel is very unpredictable so have at least a day in between your commute to and from Lamu. My flight got delayed by a few hours and my boyfriends flights got cancelled when we were leaving from Lamu.

Spending when you’re there – food is not too bad but activities are expensive. Preferably add breakfast in your hotel rate. Drinks are quite expensive( also depends on how much you drink) lol.

My next post will include : where to stay, what to pack, what to do and planning the trip 🙂



Ahhh my home town.:) Kenya is so beautiful but it’s sad it can get so pricey though lol. OMG your pictures are stunning. Do you mind sharing your photo tools tips please?

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