RoseGold : My New Obsession

Marianna Hewitt, LRNCE as well as jewellery brand,  Black Betty Design ; have played a significant role in my current obsession with blush tones. Dusty pink, dirty salmons and rose gold, have all seriously started to grow on me. While I only have a few items of clothing in these colours, I’ve started to add … Continue Reading

Melanin Monroe

I bought this Tongoro Studio dress at the 2017  Sanlam HmC and since then I  haven’t been able to take it off. It is perfect in every single way. Elegant, edgy, made in Africa and above all it makes me feel powerful and delicate all at the same damn time. A masterpeice. Apart from Sanlam HmC opening … Continue Reading

Pink and Green Hues

  Just sitting pretty in Pink at Great Dane! Skirt – Zara Top – Cos Stores Shoes – Superga Sunglasses – Prada Handbag – Mom’s vintage treasure.

Poetry celebrates women.

Poetry invited me to a tasteful morning brunch of overflowing bubbles, cake, conversation and celebration of womenhood hosted by who I like to call the fairy God-mother of fashion, Jackie Burger. She took us through Poetry’s spring collection and gave invaluable tips on how to style these garments. Jackie touched on having a minimal approach … Continue Reading

Skirts ‘n Sneakers

I’ve truly fallen in love with the skirt and sneaker combo. It says pretty but not delicate. I’m femanine but not girly. Those who get it will get it, and those who don’t – I hope someday you get with it! I wore this outfit to the debut of ‘Feel Good Series’ in Joburg, which … Continue Reading

Country Road, Urban Newness.

The latter part of the year often brews in me an urge for renewal. From reaffirming the crazy promises I made to myself at the beginning of the year to setting new audacious goals and figuring out how I’m going to make the second half of the year better than the first. It’s a comforting … Continue Reading

Feature: The Pretty Blog | How to Create a Chic, Simple Wardrobe

Thought I’d share my feature on one of my favorite blogs/digital hubs – the prettyblog! _____ Something you probably already know – we absolutely love scrolling through Instagram looking for lifestyle inspiration. Cassandra Twala – lifestyle blogger, media entrepreneur and producer of the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair – curates one of those beautiful accounts we regularly visit to … Continue Reading

Layered : Double blazer & Corset belt

Tis the season for layering and I’m just warming up. I’m not a fan of the cold that comes with winter, but the only thing that keeps me going is the style that comes with it. This time round, I’ve been so inspired by all kinds of layering – so I will be trying out different … Continue Reading


Working between different industries has taught me one thing; there is an art to looking well put together, everyday. It’s a perfect combination of personality, comfort, good fit and considered proportions. In an ideal world, I would apply this every morning, but let’s be real – for most of us in those last few minutes … Continue Reading

What I wore : Summer Maxi

It’s nearly the season for sea salt, wet hair, sun dresses and huge hats. I couldn’t be more thrilled. My boyfriend knows I have such a phobia for the cold, so in the summer months I am a lot calmer, a bit more spontaneous and way happier. A staple that I think every girl needs … Continue Reading

Simple Things

A cup of coffee, a morning kiss on the forehead and the perfect pair of blue jeans. These are some of the small simple things in life that can bring us so much happiness. I really believe that simplicity is the ultimate luxury because “Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; it … Continue Reading


By the time you get to your early twenties you’ve heard the ‘dress for your body shape’ story a million times and trust me, if something is repeated so many times there really has to be some truth to it. Understanding your body shape and accepting it, goes a long way in helping you choose … Continue Reading