There is a powerful magic in ‘doing’ rather than just thinking about things because it’s always in the doing that you realise how much you still have to learn.

We started BlackBase thinking it would be easy because three minds are better than one (obviously). However we came to realise that creatively working on every task together was proving to be more time consuming, stifling and we found ourselves working hard, not smart.

I’m not afraid to admit that we made many mistakes, and possibly the biggest one of all is not keeping our consistency. However, in life you can either choose to stay down when you fall, or dust yourself off, get back up and kick some ass. And thankfully, we chose the latter.

It was obvious that we needed to revisit the real reasons this all started, so we decided to go back to BLACK.

I know in my heart that the real purpose for BlackBase was to connect people, to collaborate ideas, celebrate others, and create a community of millennials that celebrate each other. This is a base, a foundation that will continue to be built on, inspire and grow through sharing of content, engaging different people and constantly leveraging the talents and abilities of all creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, bloggers and more.

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I am excited to embark on this new journey with three bloggers that I absolutely adore, and I guess we’ll see where this takes us.


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So glad you ladies are back. I have literally been waiting in anticipation, and I can honestly say it was worth the wait.
The blog seems better than ever and the aesthetics are incredible.
Such and inspiration to keep on blogging and staying motivated.


Thank you so much, messages like this make it all worth it 🙂

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