The latter part of the year often brews in me an urge for renewal. From reaffirming the crazy promises I made to myself at the beginning of the year to setting new audacious goals and figuring out how I’m going to make the second half of the year better than the first. It’s a comforting newness because at least I’ve made it this far! I’ve partnered with Country Road to bring this sense of newness to life by styling three looks from the latest, Urban Newness collection.

Bold Colour

Recently I’ve started making some daring colour choices because style is not a static thing that stays the same throughout your life. It changes along with you, requiring only one constant; authenticity.

I’ve paired these black soft culottes with a structured red bell sleeve top, clutch and flats. When put together these red pieces make a bold statement, perfect for outings in the concrete jungle.

Pretty in Lace

 I love this collection’s take on lace; contemporary and chic rather than traditionally sexy. I’ve paired these beautiful structured lace pants and top with casual red pointy flats. The pop of colour in the red flats, breathes crisp air into an otherwise neutral outfit. Serving suggestion: Best worn on a dinner date out with friends.

Pared down Nudes

I’m a culotte kinda girl. A laid back look with a feminine touch always wins in my books. I’ve paired these nude soft culottes with a white blouse and nude flats perfect for a busy day at work or casual Sunday afternoon.

You can find these pieces in Country Road Stores nationwide.

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