Working between different industries has taught me one thing; there is an art to looking well put together, everyday. It’s a perfect combination of personality, comfort, good fit and considered proportions. In an ideal world, I would apply this every morning, but let’s be real – for most of us in those last few minutes panic takes over and either one of two things happen, either  a) we divorce style for comfort, or b) chose style over comfort.

One of my favourite brands, Country Road has luckily provided me with option (c). They have put together a ‘work/life’ collection to help reboot  my cupboard with pieces that offer both style and comfort, while seamlessly integrating into my everyday life.

This collection is all about versatile ‘staples’ mixed with modern classics that prove there is more than one one way to wear a look. I’ve used pieces from the collection to put together 5 looks that are both work appropriate and life approved.

My first look, is one of my all time favourites, a classic black suit. It exquisitely plays between casual and formal as well as treading the thin line between androgyny and femininity.
My second look is both playful and serious, all the while being charmingly effortless. I’ve paired black trousers with a flared sleeve, shoulder cut-out top and black brogues.

If there were a book that prescribed the clothes every woman should own, the LBD would be one of the most important chapters, after the classic white shirt of course. This modest LBD together with these classic black mule is the perfect look for meetings.

My forth look is suited to the recent cold and rainy Joburg days. This chic, silk, navy blue coat is the perfect staple piece, paired with a snug off the shoulder knit, blue denims, and these dainty drop earrings ( my new obsession).

My last look is ideal for Friday – an a-line skirt with gold button detail, paired with a white t-shirt says calm and collected.

You can get your lifestyle wardrobe staples in store now. #countryroadstyle @countryroad

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Young girls like me (17 years) Look up to people like you..I started a blog on it speaks about my unconditional love and desire for the fashion industry..and you are someone i look up to…I would love for you to be my mentor , to guide me in being part of the fashion world…I want to be a teenage girl who is not afraid to show how passionate she is..and i would love for you to show me thar journey😢


Hi Samantha.

Thank you so much for the kind words. People have different views on life, but mine is education is key. I urge you to keep your passion for fashion alive always, and let it be means of expression,but always know how important an education is.

Unfortunately I’m not able to give of myself fully as a mentor,but you are welcome to contact me if you need advice on specific things.

Love and light.x

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