Cuba had always been on my radar of places I wanted to visit. So when my cousin asked me if I wanted to go, it was an absolute no brainer.

Our trip was nothing short of amazing, filled with tons of laughter, many culture shocks, being hustled everyday and gaining a new perspective on Cuba’s history, poverty and realities of communism (which I won’t get into).

Of all the things we did, getting lost in Old Havana has to be my favourite experience of the entire trip. The bustle of hundreds of people, colors, cars, restaurants, markets and hustlers (everywhere) is honestly indescribable.

After being hustled a few times, I  started to gain a little bit of street cred. I negotiated all cab rides, started speaking very basic Spanish and got used to the currency, CUC, which is stronger than the dollar FYI.

Would I go back to Cuba ? Absolutely. In a heart beat.


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ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL images you captured. I have never thought of going to Cuba but from the look of things you and your cousin seem to have made a good choice for a holiday destination.x


Thank you. It was amazing. Strongly advise anyone to go.xx

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