Cape Town is undeniably the capital of good food and I’ve had so much ‘Fomo’ for all the new restaurants popping up all around town. Bree street has quickly become the go to place for gourmet eating experiences lined up all in one place for your convenience. So in a recent visit to Cape Town I decided to indulge myself in a 5 stop restaurant tour for one day with R500 (cause we ball on a budget). It was the best R504 I have spent in a long time.

My ‘tour’ started at 11am, with a brunch stop at Guilios. As fate would have it, I couldn’t find Guilios off the bat, so landed up entering a cupcake store right next door – The Velvet Cake Co. The pretty pastels are what drew me in but the decadent red velvet cheesecake is what will have me going back there for more.

Following my impromptu detour, I headed next door to Guilios which I have been admiring on social media for months specifically from Talya Goldberg’s posts. And guess who I bumped into, Talya. I enjoyed the company of Jane,Keri and Talya along with a carb free Eggs Benedict. The place feels like a fancy family kitchen, with a warm vibe and gorgeous aesthetic. My type of spot.

I really appreciate the way Cape Town CBD is set up because it is perfect for this kind of thing. Being able to walk to each restaurant made me feel a little less guilty for all the food I was eating. I took a leisurely stroll onto Bree street to the next stop, Dapper. I had a red cappachino, instead of a flat white (cause Cape Town is too cool for Cappachinos).

Dapper fully lives up to its name, and is a quite working spot for people on the move. I’ll be sharing the next spots with you very soon.  Things are gonna get real dark …

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