I hold chocolate in very high esteem so when approaching this next spot, I had great expectations. I remember the first time I tasted honest chocolate and just couldn’t understand how it could be soo good. Visiting the Cafe has always been on my to do list and honestly, it was perfect.

I love the unassuming chicness of the Honest Chocolate Cafe. I treated myself to a regular favourite, the chocolate bunny chow, which is a banana loaf loaded with ice cream and dark chocolate sauce.

Orchard on Long was my next stop which eased the chocolate Coma. The quotes on the wall and little hidden courtyard coupled with music and friendly staff made for a quint store. Plus, they don’t only do smoothies ( which is what I thought). They have a good variety of healthy food options.

A note to self, as seen in Orchard on Long :

“Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be do what everyone else is doing”

My last stop, Burger and Lobster on Bree Street was by far the most enjoyable because there is something so special about enjoying food in good company. I met up with my long lost friends who I hadn’t seen in ages but felt like not a minute had passed.

Did I gain 2kg ?


Would I do it all again ?


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