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Something you probably already know – we absolutely love scrolling through Instagram looking for lifestyle inspiration. Cassandra Twala – lifestyle blogger, media entrepreneur and producer of the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair – curates one of those beautiful accounts we regularly visit to see what the latest must-have fashion items are. More than that, though, we love that she pulls her minimalist wardrobe off with such ease! We asked her where she draws her inspiration from and what advice she has for us to recreate her effortless style.

I’ve got an infinite love for design, branding and content creation. – Cassandra

What I find truly beautiful about minimalism, much like becoming vegetarian, is the fact that you discover new exciting things once you limit yourself to others. For example; now that I have chosen to only wear a neutral palette, I have opened myself up to exploring the form, textures and structure of clothes more carefully, because I promise you; black and white are not boring.

So I’ve styled a minimal look which covers my top 3 style tips to achieving more with less.

  1. Classics are the basics: The staples for minimal looks are classics. You will never go wrong with a good quality White shirt and t-shirt.
  2. Classic with contemporary: Balancing classic with contemporary is a stylistic rule that works well not only in fashion but also in other design spheres. I’ve paired a classic white t-shirt with these voluminous superella pants. (My current obsession) The detail on the back of these pants makes them so special.
  3. Stay authentic: Taste is not learned or taught. When you remain authentic you feel most confident . So this may not work the same way for everyone and that’s ok. Make it your own.

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It’s after 12 at midnight&I’m happily going through your beautiful SOFT work.You’re truly an inspiration,effortlessly.Thank you! I know one day I will get to meet you through a similar jurney I want to embark,,I’ll just say the midnight girl 🙂 ❤. May God continue blessing you lady.You’re all sorts of Beautiful&please greet my other mom Lulamawolf 🙂 .

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