After moving into a new, much bigger place early this year and starting a new (quite demanding) job; I’ve put off buying furniture for a few months now. At the moment, the thought of spending hours in store; only to wait another week or two for delivery; makes my head hurt. But we all know, procrastination NEVER looks pretty.

I will admit that I do enjoy the occasional browsing though beautiful furniture stores – provided I have a lot of time; which has not been the case as of late.

So, word to all the online shoppers, and even the skeptics – TFG ( The Foshini Group) @home has added furniture to its e-mall offering allowing us to get large furniture pieces such as couches, shelves, and beds from your mobile device, and delivered to your door step.

Not only is the online offering really simple, its also super quick. Best part ? It can be done in the comfort of your own home.  It’s as easy as picking your item, placing the order, choosing your preferred delivery and paying!

The delivery was quick and seamless. I received frequent communication via email, smses and a call confiming delivery  as well as assistance with the in-situ assembly! Let’s be honest – In the online buying space,  service is crucial and my experience was sublime.

Needless to say, I’ve still got a lot more pieces to purchase to adorn my new home; but I started with this timeless black open ‘typhoon shelf’ in my bedroom.

I like pieces that have timeless versatility. This sleek shelf can be used in an office, bedroom or living space.

For those of us starting out in our careers and still wanting to create beautiful spaces – quality and price point are super important. This is something I like about @home – their ability to offer premium quality homeware at an affordable prices. I kid you not, this shelf went for under R3000. I am so happy with my purchase and can’t wait to add more pieces to my bedroom, and home!





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Love your room👏🏾That shelf


So simple but so sophisticated. LOVE


Your room Is lovely – minimal xx


Hi Esther.

Thank you very much!

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