Winter is coming…When uttered, the words of the Starks, greatest house of Westoros, always cause a chill down my spine. If there is anything to be learnt from the lords of the North, is that you have to be prepared for winter when it hits.

With the cold front that has just hit Johannesburg, you have all the reason to stay indoors, but alas, you must be prepared! I’ve partnered with to share with you how easy it is to make winter great again by getting all the things you need for a cozy night in anytime, anywhere.

We can all agree that Game of Thrones has already made winter great, right ? Absolutely! However, in my books, a games night indoors comes in as a close second.

Takealot has a wide array of board games for a perfect cozy night in, from Scrabble and Battle of the Sexes to good old Monopoly. You can shop your items on your mobile phone in the convenience of your home using the cash on delivery option with no credit card needed. If you’re a first time buyer, you can enjoy free delivery for orders over R450.

And not to forget, what’s a cozy night in without some Vino! Takealot has an array of spirits and wines to choose from with fast, reliable deliveries anywhere in South Africa.

So don’t blame winter for anything if Takealot is right at your finger tips.

To win a R500 gift voucher with Takealot, comment below telling us what you would buy to make winter great again.

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Something quick you can throw in the oven, wine (obviously!), great company and a cosy knit. If I have those there’s no way you’ll find me outside.


Books! I have so many on my Takealot wishlist that I’ve been dying to read. And DVD’s of my all-time favorite movies. That would truly #makewintergreatagain


Hi, I would buy candles. I love how cosy they make the room feel and they are especially pleasant to have if they are scented.


I would also buy some beauty products and have a pamper night.


An airfryer to cook some great warm meals


I would buy 30Seconds board game to fight off those white walkers with my knowledge lol, definitely some good wine to warm my insides and a great knit to fight the breeze ❄️


The books that I have loaded and waiting for me to “proceed to checkout” on my takelot profile would make for an amazing, cozy, indoor winter experience as they will allow me to escape into the unknown and occupy my mind and ease gently out of this winter.

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