Playa del Carmen is the ‘Cape Town’ of Mexico. It’s far out of Mexico City ( Joburg of Mexico) with a ‘long street’ called 5th Avenue, and thousands of tourists, beautiful hotels, gorgeous beaches,  good restaurants and many shopping stores.

With that said, if I were to rate the ‘authenticity’ of our trip to Mexico in regards to truly experiencing the culture I would score us a 4/10.

However, if I were to rate the fun on this leg of our trip, I’d rate it an 20/10. Being a tourist has its perks, and we milked it for all it’s worth. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, Grand Hyatt, which boasted the most unbelievable sunrises and sunsets everyday.

Our day tours included visiting a Tequila Factory, abseiling into a Cenote, visiting Chichen Itza (a world heritage site), zip lining, river paddling and more. Over achieving.

I must admit that before the trip I was so excited to taste Mexican cuisine, and when I did, it tasted wildly unfamiliar (although authentic). It was much healthier than our version and needed some getting used to. So I guess that’s more than enough reason to go back.

I can’t wait for the next adventure with my partner in crime.

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