Poetry invited me to a tasteful morning brunch of overflowing bubbles, cake, conversation and celebration of womenhood hosted by who I like to call the fairy God-mother of fashion, Jackie Burger.

She took us through Poetry’s spring collection and gave invaluable tips on how to style these garments. Jackie touched on having a minimal approach to fashion as not being a limitation of colour, but rather a more considered approach to consumption/buying of garments. I have slowly started to unlearn my ways around ‘minimalism’ as its not about a colour palatte, its about doing more with less and really thinking about versatile garments that can be used in many different ways in your cupboard to make numerous outfits.

On a more personal note, what really stood out to me amongst Jackie’s many pearls of wisdom is the importance of celebrating the ‘qualities’ of beauty and not only beauty itself.These are the things we see in the women we admire and should also admire in ourselves. Qualities such as vulnerability, resilience and kindness.

Nothing as fulfilling as being the presence of beautiful, genuine women. Thank you Poetry for the morning and my extremely comfortable classic blue suit.

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