“Running through the six with my woes” is the most apt description of my saturdays spent with my friends, Lulama and Yoliswa. I’m not a huge Drake fan, but what Drake describes as  ‘woes’ calls for a moment :

“Woe is my crew. It stands for ‘working on excellence.’ It’s just my whole brand and my whole movement and my way of life for everyone. I want everyone to work on excellence. So, all my friends are my Woes and I feel anybody working on excellence in life is a Woe in life as well.

I seriously want to do that my whole life. But let’s get back to the Saturday I spent with these two. Yoliswa suggested we go to Glenda’s (as she always does), because she knows all the best places in Johannesburg and she’s not even from here. When we got to Glenda’s in ParkTown I was pleasantly surprised. The pictures don’t do this little gem justice.

Glenda’s is so unassuming on the outside until you step inside. With bright blues and pinks, this place is a collection of beautiful moments modestly tucked away in a quiet shopping centre.

The food – Delicious. The drinks – Sublime. The ambiance – perfect.The service – DIVINE!I loved every minute of it and will definitely be making a return. Soon!

Glenda’s – Hyde Square Shopping Centre. Corner Jan Smuts Avenue and, North Rd.
Open Mon – Sat  7am -10pm, Monday 8am -3pm.

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