A cup of coffee, a morning kiss on the forehead and the perfect pair of blue jeans. These are some of the small simple things in life that can bring us so much happiness. I really believe that simplicity is the ultimate luxury because

“Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius.”

My boyfriend and I drove past this coffee spot (Gio Pane Vino) at night on Grant Avenue while going to another restaurant down the road, and from a glance I told him that I have to go back. Of course he rolled is eyes and continued driving. Eventually I got my way and we went back to this quint little treasure. For me, the feeling of discovering a hidden gem is like winning the lottery. Its one of the simple things in life that make me exceptionally happy.

I wore an all black ensemble (my staple), in a Country Road off the shoulder top which I have been dying to find, and comfortable Country Road trousers. Country Road understands the art of simplicity in their consistent quest to focus on the luxuries of fabrication, versatility, quality and fit.

My personal quest for simplicity is journey that weaves its way through my life and style. It is about knowing who I am, enjoying the basic things that make me happy, and getting rid of the all unnecessary clutter.

Ps: You can’t see my boyfriend in the pictures because he was behind the camera. The simple things he does for me 🙂

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I am loving that black off the shoulder shirt. I’ve been seeing this style of shirts in blue, mostly, but black looks amazing as well.

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