By the time you get to your early twenties you’ve heard the ‘dress for your body shape’ story a million times and trust me, if something is repeated so many times there really has to be some truth to it.

Understanding your body shape and accepting it, goes a long way in helping you choose clothes that will make you feel comfortable. I’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with boobs and a but (Thank God).   Because of my curves, I’m often stuck in a little dilemma where if my whole outfit is tight I feel too exposed, and if everything is loose then I feel like I’m hiding my shape. The solution is simple, like most things in life, it’s all about balance. My holy grail.

In an effort to ‘balance’ my outfit, like this one above,  I use my formulae of  ‘tight and loose’.  Simply explained, if I put on a loose top, I will pair it with a tight bottom to accentuate my lower curves. Similarly, If I put on a loose bottom, either skirt or pants, then I’ll wear a tight top. And if I wear a tight dress, then ill pair it with a loose jacket, or duster coat. Something Kim Kardashian has mastered.

Skirt ~ Country Road, Top ~Topshop, Heels ~ Missguided from Superbalist.

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