It’s nearly the season for sea salt, wet hair, sun dresses and huge hats. I couldn’t be more thrilled. My boyfriend knows I have such a phobia for the cold, so in the summer months I am a lot calmer, a bit more spontaneous and way happier.

A staple that I think every girl needs in her wardrobe for the summer is a maxi dress. They cover everything, look super chic and still flater the body (if you find the right one). I always make sure to have atleast one maxi dress to carry me through the summer. Last summer I had the perfect navy one from Mango, until my little brother’s puppies decided to rip it apart from the washing line. Won’t get into the detail cause every time I think about it, I get chest pains.

I wore my new H&M Maxi to Braam Beach Party a while back. I love this one because of the really thin strings and semi-low back. The drawstrings around the body are also adjustable which makes it even better. If you catch me in it all summer,  please don’t be surprised.

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hey Cassandra. I am insanely inlove with your blog and instagram. I have been following you for a year now and reading every magazine and newspaper article you are featured on. I would like to know what can one do to have a successful minimalist blog?


Hi, Thanks for all the support! Means the world to me.
I’ve replied in your last comment!

Keep well.x


i am insanely inlove with your blog cass. what advice could you give someone who wants to have a successful minimal blog and make a career out of it?


HI Gugu,

I’m so sorry for my late reply.

My bet advice would be to be honest with yourself and your audience. That makes for the best writing anf take really good picture too.x


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